MICROSOFT - San Francisco, CA

Senior Service Engineering Lead 7/2016 – Present

During my start at Microsoft, I managed the IT piece of the acquistion, including office and tooling migrations. After wrapping that up, I joined the Xamarin Test Cloud team as we worked to expand our service to work across multiple regions. This involved re-engineering the existing solution, in order to fit it into a datacenter topology, design networking and maintenance processes, as well as building out a scalable way to get hundreds of iOS and Android phones happy and settled in their new datacenter environments, and available for customer use.  As part of this, Xamarin Test Cloud became part of Visual Studio App Center. 

During this time, I took over management of an infrastructure team based out of San Francisco, and Aarhus, Denmark. 

XAMARIN - San Francisco, CA

IT Manager 7/2014 – 7/2016

Xamarin was my first opportunity to build an IT department from scratch. I joined the company at a later stage, when we were about 175 strong, tasked with building a supportive cloud-native team that would allow us to continue expanding. I lead the function until acquisition, when we numbered about 420 employees, as we dealt with user support, implementing an MDM solution, building reliability into our office and cloud infrastructures as things grew, and creating our first budget. 

As part of this I had the opportunity to hire and manage a team of 3, with which we managed to open two new offices, and support all Xamarins, both in-office and remote. We also were responsible for technical delivery of two conferences and training sessions, at Evolve 2014 and 2016, managing on-site vendors and handling demo preparations. 

During the acquisition phase of the company, I led the IT integration efforts, comprised of several site moves, business application tooling changes as we standardized on Microsoft tooling, as well as being responsible for several aspects of the due diligence process.


IT Manager 11/2013 – 7/2014

Systems Administrator 10/2012 – 11/2013

I managed the day-to day and long-term IT operations of both Softartisans and Skimbox, managing both a local private cloud environment, hosted environments on AWS, and local and remote datacenters.

I dealt with most everything, from systems maintenance and network engineering, to strategic planning and budgeting. I also served as a DevOps Engineer and Windows admin for Skimbox.


So-Cal Technical Supervisor 2/2011 – 10/2012

Branch Technician 10/2010 - 2/2011

I was the primary classroom technical resource for the largest Microsoft training partner in the western US, and one of the top 5 in the world. I managed technical staff across 4 Southern California locations, as well as serve as liason to a partner facility in Las Vegas.I was one of the leads on a team that designed and built a revamp of our remote training infrastructure in 2011, built on Microsoft Lync. That solution directly led to the company winning a 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year award, as well as being the primary driver of over 35% YoY revenue growth.  

Additionally, on the corporate IT side; I was charged with assisting with and completing several infrastructure projects. I served as one of 2 DBAs on staff, as well as one of 2 Lync Admins. I also managed our Dynamics CRM infrastructure, and was responsible for implementing SCVMM 2008R2.


While this isn't everything - It's the high points of my contract consulting jobs

GRUBUP - Thousand Oaks, CA

Lead Engineer 4/2011 - 10/2013

I was the technical guy at GrubUp - We were a startup that made software to help people get food faster, all while making it easier on restaurants. I managed our servers, scaled us out, and made infrastructure and hiring decisions.


Systems Engineer Consultant 6/2012-7/2012

I was engaged by Allergan to help them with a scripting project to identify the volume of stored mail needed in order to provision for a planned migration to Exchange Online Archives.


Systems and Development Consultant 2/2012- 4/2012

I was approached by Captain Marketing to help them out as they were migrating from an outsourced consulting team in India to an in-house team that they were building in Belize. During this time I managed several Ubuntu and CentOS servers serving as multitenant web hosts as well as serving as primary IT/development resource.


2009 / B.S. Human and Exercise Physiology

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

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