I started my professional technical career with Quickstart Intelligence, the largest Microsoft training partner in the western US, and one of the top 5 in the world. I was originally brought onto the technical staff from the sales team (I was originally an inside sales rep, but started getting more involved in the technical details). That role grew over the next several years to see me overseeing the technical operations for our 4 Southern California locations, as well as coordinating with our partner facility in Las Vegas. I also served as a tier-2 technical resource, responsible for resolving all large-scale issues with the classroom environment in an immediate manner. 

Some of my projects over the two and a half years I worked there were: 

I was part a of a team that designed and built a revamp of our remote training infrastructure in 2011, building it out on Microsoft Lync. That solution directly led to the company winning a 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year award, as well as being the primary driver of 35% YoY revenue growth. First, we had to institute a testing environment for our users; secondly we wanted a unified access portal for all of our classes; thirdly, we wanted to integrate existing login information with the Lync Active Directory environment. I wrote the code for access portal, as well as the service that integrated login information, automatically creating AD logins for forms-based logins in our user database. Additionally, I managed the Lync Conferencing environment, managing an environment that was 100% external conferencing, 

We also migrated from a manual deployment process for our classroom environments to a fully automated one. I wrote most of the scripting for this, integrating custom WMI scripting using powershell, our existing deployment infrastructure, and other custom and COTS tools. 

In managing our Dynamics CRM infrastructure, I was responsible for working with the head of the systems integration team, and the Vice President of sales to define essential business logic and implement it in Javascript. I also performed several environment upgrades including a SQL 2005 - 2008 R2 migration, as well as modifying the application architecture in order to increase performance. 

I also became an expert on Hyper-V internals, and the entire Microsoft virtualization stack. Running large-scale classroom infrastructures on Hyper-V we would run into many complications of the virtualization stack, and as such, I learned a great deal about troubleshooting large-scale implementations of the Hyper-V stack. 

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