When I was in college, I ran a restaurant. (PS- If you're ever in Boston, check out B.Good if you get a chance. Jon and Anthony make a great burger, and love local, natural food.) Probably the biggest take away from that, was that ordering food online sucked, both from the user perspective, and from the restaurant perspective. Seamless/GrubHub, Foodler, et al. really didn't seem to have a good user experience, and it was horrendous ordering food, particularly remotely. On top of that, all of the companies relied on faxes to deliver orders, which from a restaurant perspective, was miserable. 

When I met David and Ethan, I knew we'd get along. When we first met, GrubUp focused on doing mobile food ordering for stadiums. We saw some traction, but ultimately couldn't meet the unique needs of a stadium environment. We decided to pivot to meet the unmet needs I saw when working in college. Unfortunately, we never managed to get the mobile apps solid enough to deploy to the restaurants that wanted the solution, and ended up turning down the service in 2013. 

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